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Whenever God wants to take you to another dimension or another level He stretches you beyond your limit. To you it is not right but to God He knows He is taking you to another level. You may be feeling uncomfortable and wanting to resign to status quo but that will not take you to the dimension that God has designed. The bible says Jesus learnt obedience by the things He suffered and at the end He became the author. ​

There are things that God want to birth through you that has never been seen before. You are a global phenomenon. The news media is waiting to cast your news. They are waiting to invite you for interview. What God has put in you has to come out. When a woman wants to deliver she undergoes tremendous pain. Even under such intense pain the instruction is to push. You can imagine how many babies and women have died in the labour room because they refused to push.

You have great dreams and great desires but are you ready to push? Are you ready to stretch? How do you get to the next dimension when you are not stretching? You cannot manifest the next dimension by maintaining the status quo. One of the things that you must make up your mind about this year is that you will stretch. There is light in every challenge. There is nothing in this world that does not have an answer. Everything has an answer. You may not have seen it. You may not have found it but I assure you that if you stay longer at it you will get the answer. You may have suffered a setback, but don’t ever see it as failure. Rather, it is a retreat so that you can take off as an airplane and fly.

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