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Feed Your Spirit


Today, I want to charge you to feed your spirit. You will agree with me that we live in a time when there is a high level of distraction everywhere. Wherever you turn, the billboards, internet, television, radio and even the drivers on the road are all begging for our attention. Things have become so bad these days. Research has shown that people spend countless hours on their phones without any care or bother about other important things. Valuable time is wasted on things that bring no profit whatsoever.  This means that we must set our priorities in order.

Colossians 3:16 admonishes us to ensure that the Word of Christ dwells in us “richly”. Which means that you must be full of the Word; such that when pressures come, it is the Word that you have stored in you that automatically comes out. The responsibility is not entirely on the Pastor to feed you. You also have a role to play. You cannot lay the burden of your spiritual growth on the Pastor’s desk. Unfortunately, many believers have become too lazy to their own detriment. Beloved, it’s either you are feeding your spirit, or you are feeding your flesh. And whichever one you feed is the one that will rule and control your life.

One advantage of this age is that with the advancement of technology, we have access to Bible-based resources. Nowadays, we have our Bibles on our phones and can listen to podcasts or CDs, while in traffic. Even on social media platforms and on YouTube especially, we can watch sound teachings and have access to qualitative resources. So, there is really no excuse for anyone to remain stunted in his/her Christian faith. The clincher, however, is that you must desire it for yourself. You must make up your mind to develop your spirit.

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