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Fiancé Killer Commits Suicide

The Barber who is believed to have killed his fiancé at Akyem Nsutam in the Fanteakwa East District of the Eastern Region and went into hiding has been found dead.

In June this year, the suspect was reported to have murdered his Senior High School (SHS) girlfriend, identified as Abigail Mireku, a General Arts Form Two student of New Nsutam Senior High Technical School after which he went into hiding.

Akoumani Kwabena known widely as Emeka had dated the girlfriend for some time, but both were reportedly battling irreconcilable differences.

The suspect had issues and misunderstandings with the girlfriend on the day of the incident before he killed and abandoned the body in a pool of blood at the barbering shop.

Speaking to an eyewitness, he said: “We only know the guy as Emeka and he is from Togo; he has been working here for a while now, this morning I saw her opening the shop, and not too long, his girlfriend was in her school uniformed came around a few minutes later I saw Emeka in a rush out he left,”

Speaking to another eyewitness who first saw the girl he said “I came to get my hair cut and when I got inside, I saw the lifeless body of the lady in a pool of blood.”

The lady was found in a pool of blood with the rope of barbering machine tied around her neck inside the shop, but the boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

Police subsequently declared the suspect wanted but it turned out that he may have committed suicide after the incident days after the incident.

The body was found at the outskirts of Nsutam in an advanced decomposing state by a farmer

According to Radio 1 reporter Sompahemaa Ama Adiepena and the police who corroborated the latest development, a resident of the area discovered the body of the deceased and lodged an official complaint with the police only to turn out to be the suspect who is on the run.

“I was going to the farm when I saw the skull of a human in the bush. I rushed back home and reported it to the police,” the farmer said.

The police indicate that they arrived at the scene and saw the remains of Akoumani Kwabena, known widely as Emeka in an advanced decomposed state with his Ghana card bearing his name and a rope tied to a tree suggesting he may have committed suicide.

The police in the area confirmed they dentified body as Akoumani Kwabena known as Emeka who has been on their wanted list but indicate investigations are ongoing.

The Chief of Nsutam and his elders have already poured libation and waiting on the town council to come for the bones for burial.

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