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Focus On God


Often times, when people talk about the supernatural, what they often have in mind is the spectacular. When majority of believers tell you they are expecting the supernatural to happen, their minds are focused on the spectacular. In order words, they want God to intervene in the affairs of their lives, they want God to show Himself strong but they expect it to happen in a spectacular manner.

The Spectacular is something dramatic. “It has to be dramatic so that I will know it is God that did it,” that is what we mean when we say we want the supernatural. But the truth is that oftentimes, the supernatural doesn’t have to be spectacular.

Everything about God is supernatural because He is the supernatural God. Everything He does is supernatural. At times, supernatural manifestations can produce the spectacular, but it is not every time that God moves in that way. It is so important in this age and hour for believers to understand this truth because there is a lot of deception all over the place. And the devil specializes in the spectacular because he knows that it catches peoples’ attention. When we lack understanding in this regard, we miss the supernatural which should be the norm in our lives.

The problem is that we want to see lightning and thunder. We want to hear a voice from heaven. We want the roof to open and then a special light would radiate from above. Then we know that God has spoken! We just want to walk on the street and discover that it is raining on this side and on the other side, there would be no rain. I have seen a lot of spectacular things which had nothing to do with God. So stop looking for the spectacular. Embrace the Supernatural God.

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