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From Glory Unto Glory

After Mordecai had been honoured, according to the book of Esther chapter 6, he went back and sat still. He sat down, waiting for the next divine intervention. You see, the intervention of God is always from glory to glory. Oh yes!  It can never be from glory to shame.

Even those who don’t like you will be used as instruments. Those who have been opposing you will be used as instruments to move you into your place of divine destiny.

Finally, Mordecai was given authority. And he now sent out a counter decree throughout the entire land. This decree made the Jews untouchable and empowered them to destroy any one that rose up to harm them in any form.

They took charge on that appointed day. They were empowered to bring an end to their oppression. And the same day in which the Jews were to be attacked and be destroyed, they received a counter decree that said that they must not be touched.  The day that was designed by the enemy for mourning became a day of feasting and gladness. It became a day of victory and celebration.

Every oppression in your life ends today. The sound of rejoicing will never end in your house. Your mourning has turned into dancing. God is giving you beauty for ashes and oil of joy for mourning. A type of favour you have never known is resting upon you. You will not be small!

A thousand times more will be your portion. A people you do not know will serve you. And strangers will submit themselves to you. Your hand will not be empty. And you will not lose your position.

God has not called you in vain. He knows how to bring you out of every trouble and shame.

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