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Ghana needs new constitution – Odike


AKWASI ADDAI aka ‘Odike’, has complained that the 1992 Republican Constitution of Ghana seems to give too much powers to the President and so it out to be reviewed and amended to suit modern democratic standards of governance as conforms with best practices around the world.

According to him, if he becomes president after the December 7 elections, he would definitely lead the processes for the constitution to be changed.

“This current Ghana constitution is porous as it gives too much powers to the president and this doesn’t augur well for the democratic system that we are practicing now. This constitution gives room for corruption, which is a canker, that we should do away with in order to ensure acceleration transformation of the country”, he said.

Speaking with Kofi Asante of Akoma FM, Odike, leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), said his administration would give power to the people rather.

“I will lead the processes, as president, for the constitution to be changed in order to transfer much more power that the president enjoy now and rather give it to the people. The constitution also tends to make the president an autocratic leader as they become like thin gods and it must be changed”, the UPP leader noted.

Odike also lambasted the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the largest opposition political party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for failing the country.

“In the area of infrastructure, both the NPP and the NDC have failed miserably. They make too much noise but in actual fact, these two political parties have failed.

“As president of Ghana, I will never borrow to build toilet projects as some people are doing now”, Odike said, adding “I will borrow to support local entrepreneurs”.

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