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Ghanaians make light of mental health issues – MzVee

Ghanaian singer, MzVee born Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda has said mental health issues are not given much attention in this country.

The ‘Daavi’ crooner disclosed on Property FM in Cape Coast that mental health-related issues are a real pandemic happening to most people.

She stated “I think we don’t take mental health issues seriously in Ghana and I don’t think our education hasn’t included it at all so we don’t take it seriously. But it’s a real pandemic and a real issue that’s happening to so many people and I feel that everyone goes through it at some point in their life.

“It’s a state of just being unhappy and I cannot even define what depression is because it’s quite different from what happens to everybody. But it’s really downplayed in our country and I think it’s something that the authorities don’t see this as an important issue at all.”

Minding my business

She further revealed that minding her own business has helped to prevent wrinkles from appearing on her face.

She remarked “As for the Akpl3 that’s the number one secret to my evergreen forever young looks but the other one is that I mind my business. I like to mind my business all the time so I’ll advise that you also mind your business and you’ll avoid all the wrinkles”.

Talking about what has kept her looks so young and evergreen, MzVee posited that she’s always grateful and content with whatever she’s having.

She added “Also be grateful and content with what you have and I know we hear this all the time but someone doesn’t even have what you have. You think you have only 5 cedis but guess what someone doesn’t even have anything so be very grateful and just keep fighting,”.

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