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Ghana’s Army Ranks 108th In latest Global Firepower Ranking


Ghana has been ranked 107th among 136 countries in the 2018 World military strength. The report titled, Global Firepower’s 2018 Military Strength Ranking utilizes more than 55 factors to determine a given nation’s score.

According to data from Global FirePower (GFP), Ghana’s total population of 27,499,924 has 13,500 active personnel and a total aircraft strength of 24 (comprising 14 helicopters) and it operates a defence budget of $120 million.

The GFP report also found that the country has 300 armoured fighting vehicles and 20 total naval assets. In the overall ranking for military strength, Ghana placed 107th out of 136 nations. The Global Firepower report also disclosed that Ghana’s defence budget was $120,000,000.

African ranking

The highest ranked African country was Egypt (12th) followed by Algeria (23rd), South Africa (33rd), Nigeria (43rd) and Angola (48th).

Ghana also lagged behind Ethiopia (51st), Morocco (55th), Sudan (70th), Libya (74th), Tunisia (77th), Zimbabwe (81st), Zambia (83rd), Kenya (85th), Uganda (93rd), Tanzania (98th) and Botswana (103rd).

The ranking focuses on the diversity of weapons in a country’s arsenal rather than the total number of weapons available.

The ranking also takes into account available manpower, geography, logistical capacity, available natural resources, and the status of local industry.

It did not penalise land-locked nations for lacking a standing navy; however, naval powers were penalised for a lack of diversity in available assets.

The ranking also considered a nation’s financial stability/health while NATO allies received bonus points for the sharing of war-making resources.

Current political/military leadership was not taken into account.


Each military power detailed in the GFP is judged on an individual as well as some collective, factors when it comes to waging a prolonged campaign against another party.

The numbers available for each nation was calculated through an in-house formula which is used to establish the final ranking.

Some values presented in the report are estimates because official numbers were not available (particularly for closed-off nations such as North Korea).

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