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God’s Authority Is Powerful


In Matthew 10:1, Jesus Christ sent out the disciples and gave them power over unclean spirits and over all manner of sicknesses and diseases. They all went and performed wonders. But those disciples, as at that time, were un-regenerated people because no one was born again until Jesus rose from the dead. So, not one of them was born again, yet they were raising the dead, casting out devils and healing the sick. Do you know why they were able to accomplish that? Simple! They accepted the power; went and functioned in it and demons obeyed. How much more now that you are a new creation! The problem is that we are not exercising our authority.

Today, the devil would cough and a believer would run. But demons are lesser spirits. In fact, you should not lose sleep over a demon-possessed person. When you hear about someone who is occultic or practicing witchcraft, just look for your duvet, cover yourself and sleep. It is unfortunate that some people will come to church and say, ‘I am very careful because some demons are in church.’ What you are saying in effect, is that demons are more powerful than Jesus! Anyone who comes to church with any form of witchcraft cannot leave it. It is either you go away and practice witchcraft somewhere else or you will hurt yourself. You can’t sit under the anointing in a true Bible believing church and still practice witchcraft.

When they say that demons suck blood, don’t you know that your blood is poison to any demon? Each time we take Holy Communion, we drink the blood of Jesus. How then, can a demon suck your blood? What I am saying is that you have power but many of us do not even know what we have. From today, I challenge you to exercise the power and authority you have in Christ and evil will be far from your dwelling place.

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