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God’s Love Is For All


The love of God is not for a select few. He loves everyone, including the murderer, the thief, the liar and the gossip. He loves everyone with an everlasting love. But many times, believers carry on as if Jesus died for only them or there is a ‘big sinner’ and a ‘small sinner.’ Child of God, sin is sin and what makes you a sinner is not what you did but the fact that you were born of a woman. That is all that makes you a sinner.

So, don’t carry yourself as if Jesus died for only you; He died for every single person ever born of a woman. The question is: who will accept Him?

As believers, we must wake up to this realization that He loves every single person irrespective of where they are at this time. He loves them irrespective of what they are doing. God loves the sinner but hates sin and that is why Jesus came.

Jesus came because you cannot clean yourself. All the New Year resolutions put together cannot make you live right. Indeed, by flesh can no man be justified. Your salvation is not your idea, in fact you made no contribution to it. He loved you and reached out to you. So, don’t look down on any one. Take it as a personal assignment to spread the love of God to the dying world.

Look around you, that man or woman, boy or girl that is yet to give his/her lives to Christ, it is your responsibility to love and bring them into the Kingdom. Go to where they are and love them. Don’t wait for them to come out and look for Christ.

Remember, ‘how can they hear, except they are told?’ (Rom. 10:14.) You must come down from your “high horse” and seek out the lost. You don’t have to go far, start from your ‘Jerusalem,’ your neighbourhood. Show them the love of Christ so much that without your preaching, they will seek the God you serve; remember, the love of God is for ALL.

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