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God’s Plan For You Will Prevail


In our walk with God, we see all kinds of challenges. You see people who can actually conceptualize, but they never actualize anything. They dream and then the dream never comes through. They run with others and when they are about to enter, the gate is shut against them. Even if they succeed in entering, they never get accepted. They buy and they never sell. They fill appraisal forms and never get promoted. They build a profile and never receive an interview letter. They help others to enter the bus; like the touts at some motor parks, yet they are going nowhere.

When going through such challenges, people wonder, ‘God, where are you?’ I found out in my walk with God, that when you encounter such difficulties in life; it is not because God does not care about you or that God has abandoned you. No! It is because you are a threat to the devil. He knows the investment that God has inside you. He understands what it is. He knows that if this one is allowed to escape, his kingdom will be in trouble. But I have come to let you know that encapsulated inside every believer in Christ, is a ‘Returning Grace.’ You have a ‘comeback mechanism’ right inside you.

The scripture says that we have this treasure in an earthen vessel. So, at times people misjudge you by looking at your physique or what you are passing through. But they do not know what you are made of. God has wired you to return. There is nothing like fatal failure for a believer. Proverbs 24:16 says that the righteous man falls seven times, but he rises again! ‘Seven’ means total; a perfect number. That is what you might call a ‘write off.’ But the Bible says he will bounce back. Irrespective of what you are facing right now, God’s plan for you will prevail. I bless you.

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