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Gospel Musicians Need ‘Money’; Not Verbal Appreciation – Hannah Aba Donkor


Gospel musician Hannah Aba Donkor has criticized pastors and churches who fail to support gospel musicians financially after inviting them to perform at events.

Hannah who has her debut album “Boafo Ne Awurade” out which she recently got signed unto Media Excel in an interview with showbiz journalist, Ibrahim Ben Brako made that affirmation.

According to the gospel singer, Ghanaian Pastors don’t appreciate their work with ‘money’ at the end of shows but rather pronounce blessings on them which is good but not enough.

She expressed how disheartening it is when pastors fail to give them at least a ‘token’ for their hard work and efforts at the end of events.

She explained that it takes money and sweat for musicians to transport themselves to programs when they are invited to and as such, it is quite unfair that they leave empty-handed at the end of the program.

Hannah Donkor also added that the nature of their work demands that, they work with other persons such as instrumentalists, back up singers, and other assistants who aid them on stage, and behind the scenes to have a good show and brand, and such people need to be paid at the end of the show.

“When the pastors invite you to a program they should know that you came in with patrol, you brought some instrumentalists, back up singers, backroom staffs and many others ” – she said.

She again, urged Ghanaian pastors to adopt the practice of rewarding gospel singers with ‘money’ in order to promote their work and reduce the verbal forms of appreciation as it had been the norm.

“Pastors won’t say God bless you with a nice envelope” she ‘jokingly’ opined.

The Gospel Diva affectionately called bemoaned that the singers are not in for money per say, but she was quick to add that, due to the nature and cost involved in bringing out an album and also taking care of your band and staff, it’s only fair that, they are appreciated with a ‘Token’ not just the usual thank you.

She went on to say that gospel musicians need to be pushed and acknowledged by all.

In her opinion, pastors should encourage church members to patronise their CDs which is also a form of promoting the work of God.

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