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1st August, 2018
Evening Session
Speaker: Bishop Mike Okonkwo
Theme: I Refuse to Put Down My Head
Readings:2Kings 25:27-30, Zachariah 1:17-21, Ephesians 2:10

For too long people have tried to put your head down, they’ve used all kinds of manipulation.
Africa’s head has been put down for too long individually and as a continent but tonight were fuse to be down again.

God’s plan was to bless and empower man from creation (Adam).
A head that is lifted is relative, it applies to every area of your body.
A head that is lifted represents boldness, revelation, vision and dreams, productivity, achievement, highly esteemed, excellence authority, innovation, concept, first class.
So when your head is lifted you are ready for greatness.

Consequently, if your head is down. It speaks of shame, stagnancy, reproach, unproductiveness, disease, regimented life, affects academic life.

It’s a head matter, whoever has your head has you.
We must change the narrative as God’s people. It’s an insult to walk as believers with our heads down.
I refused that my head will be bowed. Our true image is that of Christ and not what the enemy put on us.
The head is the most important part of the human anatomy, it carries the nervous system, brains…

Gen3:15, 48:14
Blessings rest on the head

I don’t care how long you have been walking with your head
Bowed you will be lifted.

Psalm23:5,24:7, Eccl 9:8 Isaiah 1:5, 55:11, Luke 9:58, John 19:30 It’s a head matter.
1Sam 17
David aimed at the head of Goliath and after he cut it off.
Many heads have been put down by the adversary.

Africa has the best minds and resources but the enemy through book sand their narratives have put our heads down.
The dominion mandate hasn’t change it doesn’t matter whether we have black skin we are blessed and made for greatness.

We will be lifted up!!! The glory of the latter house shall be splendid than the former.
Haggai 2:9
Forget about the narratives, if you look at the statistics you will be discouraged.
What we are talking about is a spiritual lifting.

Those trying to figure you out should stop because they will fail.
Throw away your measuring line because what God is about to do cannot be measured.
You are ready to pursue, overtake and recover all.

Elijah overtook Ahab and his chariots. You will overtake your over takers
As a believer don’t expect a worst case scenario, it’s an error; everything’s hall turnout for your good. When all hope is lost, our God will come through for you because he is God all by himself and does what nobody can do.

He neither slumbers nor sleep, he is on his throne and never goes on vacation.
His work is completely complete and perfectly perfect.
God is not worried about the devil one bit; he has been defeated longtime ago.
Don’t look at what you see, but look at what you cannot see. What you see is temporal but what you cannot see is eternity.

Some keys in the scripture
Prison: speaks of limitations, confinement, inhibitions, labour without results, conception without actualization, regimented life, career without progress.
Its an ewdawn heads are been lifted. By the authority of heaven command a turn around.
Honor: Favor, he spoke kindly to him.
Some people don’t know how to enjoy the blessings of God to the extent that when they are favored they keep apologizing to people, when you were suffering didn’t they see you, keep quiet and enjoy your favor.
Why are you apologizing for what God is doing in your life? He has chosen to bless you and no man can stop it.

You can’t explain what God does, He just does it without permission from anyone.
Speak favorably to yourself, some people do not speak well for themselves, STOP!!!
That is not what is written about you, look in the word and speak what is written about you. Speak life, that is the way of the Kingdom.

Prophecy boldly

My head will no longer be bowed!
My head shall be lifted up. Heb4:16
Boldly is there because people will question your declaration don’t pay attention to them because the just shall live by faith.

Speak well, don’t speak if you don’t mean it.
Some people don’t speak well on their children, your words will determine where they will be. If you don’t mean it then don’t let it out because there is power in your mouth. The Throne
Elevation, you can’t receive Jesus without elevation.

Your status, your outlook will change

Though the righteous shall fall seven times, he will rise up.
There is a bounce back mechanism in you. No matter where you are, you will bounce back to God’s working.
Ate bread continually
No lack, no starvation

You will be lifted up; Africa will be lifted up!!!

Forget all their narratives and their predictions it will all fail, it is only one thing that cannot fail and that is the in fallible Word of God.
Whatever he has spoken to you, I deploy the carpenter’s anointing to rearranged them for your perfection.
Allowance continually
Daily supply: God load Jesus with daily benefits.

Some of you are not taking your daily benefits and are struggling in life.
Workmanship prepared in advance Who are you listening to?
Who told you, you are naked?
Who lied to you Africa?

Use your tongue for testimony Luke13:10
What you consistently hear has the capacity to manifest in your life. Therefore, be careful what you hear.
In some churches all they hear is how bad they are, how they cannot make it to heaven.
And I ask myself where is the grace and Mercy of God.

Grace supplies and Faith takes. What Grace do not supply, Faith cannot receive
If you are saved by Grace why do you think that same Grace cannot sustain you.
Many believers are always starting from the beginning. They never see who they really are.
Who told you, you can get anything from God base on your credentials. We get what He gives by His grace alone.

Believers in Africa how can you take over when you don’t know your identity.
Preachers stop preaching about the devil, stop giving the devil your platform, preach Jesus!
Anything you preach from Genesis to Revelation without preaching Jesus, you have wasted your time. The bible is one book about one man who was revealed in the gospel and climaxed in the epistles.
When the woman lifted her head she saw Jesus. Ashe is, so are we and she was delivered.

When God takes over, your wasted years will be restored. Your story will never end in disgrace
The job is already done, if you begin to see yourself from scripture your prayer language will change, it will move from asking to thanking because you know that it is already done.
Don’t down play the Grace and Mercy of God because that is what will make the church strong. Some of you should be teachers by now but because you are not utilizing Grace you are still babies. Heb 5:12
You can’t receive Mercy without Grace. Heb 4:16


I declare whatever is causing men to despise you, it is over.
Every wave of progress, power and glory is coming upon your life.
Their counsel will not stand; every negatives is nullified.
I declare transition to greater levels.
I declare rising of vision helpers
It’s a day of memorial, an hour of fullness softime.
I declare it’s your season of influence and significance.
Finally, I declare every hanging prophecy over your life is coming to passing Jesus name.
Welcome to the big league club.


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