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He Is The God For All


There was famine in the land of Israel because there had been no rain. And God spoke to Elijah, in 1 Kings 17, to go hide himself by the Brook Cherith for He has commanded a raven to feed him with bread and flesh. Naturally ravens are flesh eaters but when the God of all flesh spoke to the raven to take the flesh to Elijah, the raven obeyed. I decree that no man will take your blessings. Whatever the enemy wants to do to hinder what God has prepared for you is destroyed now.

Child of God, even in the war front God knows how to destroy the enemy. He is the God of all flesh and all flesh obeys Him. In 2 Chronicles 20, when the enemy came up against Jehoshaphat and the people of Israel, God said to Jehoshaphat that the battle was His. All that Jehoshaphat and the people needed to do was to remain still and praise God. When the people began to sing, dance and to praise God, the God of all flesh descended and the whole army that came up against Jehoshaphat began to fight themselves. All that Jehoshaphat and the Israelites did was to gather the blessings.

Beloved, after your challenge, get ready to receive the blessings because you serve the God of all flesh. The blessings of God are coming to you and it will overtake you. No more strandedness! No more embarrassment! You will not see reproach or shame The God of all flesh will fight your battles and give you the victory. Your dream will not be aborted. The desire of the enemy against you will never succeed. You are constantly in my prayers. And today, I pray that the plan and purpose of God for your life shall be made manifest. You shall possess your possessions in Jesus name.

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