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Hold fast your Profession


When the Bible says ‘hold fast,’ that means there is a possibility of letting go. It also means that there is a possibility of the enemy snatching it from you. And that enemy is the devil that comes with doubt and unbelief because of what you are encountering physically. So the Bible says, hold fast the profession, the promise, the Word of God or your answer.

Hold what you have received because it’s what your High Priest will work with. If you hold what the devil is showing you, when your High Priest comes, He will have nothing to work with in the presence of God. You will end up with nothing because the High Priest can only work with what has been promised. He takes what you are holding unto to God and says ‘Lord, I am interceding for them because this is what you promised according to your Word. And by the shed blood, I paid the price. Even though the devil is trying to lie to them that it won’t work but they are holding on to the promise and God you know you cannot lie.’ Hallelujah!

You must hold fast the promise of God. Refuse to accept what the enemy is trying to show you no matter how tough it is. The fact that you finished praying and you went to sign that contract and they turned you down doesn’t mean that those people that turned you down cannot call you back the next day. We can only partake of the anointing that destroys the yoke if we hold fast our profession to the end. The end is when there is manifestation. When you have finished prayers, in between your ‘Amen’ and the manifestation, there is a gap where the enemy will now try to tell you that it is not working. But you must hold fast. And pretty soon, you will get the manifestation.

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