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Inadequate Security Threatens Development — Akyinim chief

The Chief of Akyinim, near Cape Three Points in the Ahanta West District in the Western Region, Nana Gyentsi Amoako X, has observed that inadequate security in almost every part of the country is the cause of ineffective development in the communities.

He recalled that on August 6, 2006, communal violence which erupted in his jurisdiction resulted in the death of two people, while many energetic young people fled the town and had since not returned, leaving behind only the aged who could not engage in development projects.

“I have, therefore, made it my priority to collaborate with the Ghana Police Service to establish a police station at Akyinim to clamp down on miscreants and individuals who engage in criminal activities that will hamper the progress of the people in the neighbourhood,” he disclosed.

Nana Amoako made the observation when he spoke to the Daily Graphic after the Judicial Committee of the Busua Traditional Council had declared that he was the rightful occupant of the Royal Anona Stool of Akyinim.

Committee sitting

The committee, chaired by Nana Egodzi Essoun III, sitting at the Ahantahene’s Court at Busua on Friday, July 14, 2017, unanimously ruled that “The defendant, Charles Kwame Aduku, aka Nana Gyentsi Amoako X, is the substantive Chief of Akyinim.”

Citing various reasons for its ruling, the committee came to the conclusion that “the Akyinim Royal Stool belongs to the Royal Anona Family of Akyinim”.

The committee, with two other members, Nana Kofi Amoo III and Nana Etsin Kofi II, also held that “The plaintiffs and their Akissi Family and their assigns, among others, are restrained from interfering with the performance by the defendant of his functions or duties as Chief of Akyinim”, with no costs awarded.

Nana Amoako stated that apart from a police station at Dixcove, which was a distance from his area, there was no security post anywhere near Akyinim and that people committed various crimes but did not face the full rigours of the law.

“My people are leaving in fear and insecurity,” he declared.

He said now that he had been cleared by the lawful committee of the council, he expected those who ran away from the town in the wake of the chieftaincy dispute to consider coming back home to assist in the development of the town.


“I extend an olive branch to every citizen of Akyinim that I have come with peace and so all development-oriented people should join the chorus for development. No society can develop when disputes and litigation abound and so with this ruling, let us come together as one people for the progress of our town,” he appealed.

Nana Amoako pointed out that education was another area he would tackle once the people were secure to go about their various endeavours, saying that he and his elders would establish an educational endowment fund to offer scholarships to intelligent, needy children.

He said there was an old fort in the town and that in partnership with the district assembly and the tourism sector, it could be rehabilitated to benefit the people.

The Head of the Anona Family of Akyinim, Mr Kojo Arha Kontan, in an interview, expressed gratitude to God for the final determination of the matter in his favour, saying, “I dedicate the victory to our forefathers who had also seen us through to win this age-long litigation. The Almighty God should grant us peace and strength to enable us to develop the town.”

He appealed to the youth of the area to rally solidly behind the chief and the elders in their efforts and vision to develop the town, adding that the youth should take their studies seriously and refrain from social vices such as teenage pregnancy.

Source: Graphic

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