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Increase Your Capacity


The widow, according to 2 Kings Chapter 4, found herself in a terrible situation. Not only was she mourning her husband; who was a child of God and a committed, devoted prophet, she also had to deal with the huge bad debt that her husband left for the family. Now, the creditors had come to take her two sons as slaves, as payment for the debt. Consequently, she ran to meet the Prophet Elisha. He asked her what she had in the house and she told him, ‘nothing except a small flask of oil.’ We then see in verse 3 that Prophet Elisha instructed her to go and borrow vessels. And if you read carefully, he said, “…borrow not a few”. In other words, don’t borrow one or two vessels, but borrow as many as you can lay your hands on, because your capacity determines the extent of the supply.

Beloved, you can no longer afford to do small things. Look around you. The rest of the world is making giant strides and taking territories. Why would believers who have the ‘dominion mandate’ do any less?  The time has come for you to arise. God’s intention for you is to be at the forefront of the different sectors of our society. But if you lack the capacity to receive the mighty things that God has released, your lack of capacity will place a cap on His supply.
Child of God, you serve the Unlimited God. There is no limit to His supply! So why are you coming to Him with a little vessel?  Why are you going to fetch water from the ocean with a bottle? Beloved, increase your capacity today!

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