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John Mahama Chapter 2: 60 Ministers, No Ex-Gratia

Former president John Mahama, now turned aspiring president has said if he wins the 2024 elections, he would not elect more than 60 persons to serve as ministers and deputy ministers in his Government.

John Mahama made the comment in his official acceptance speech on Monday after he won the National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential primaries on Saturday.

“I will run the leanest but most efficient government under the fourth republic by appointing not more than 60 ministers and deputy ministers. I will work to abolish the payment of Ex-gratia and cut out waste and ostentation in Government”, John Mahama stated.

His comments feed into calls on incumbent President Nana Akufo-Addo to reduce the size of ministers and deputy ministers in his Government.

Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudeto Ablakwa, has said reducing the sie of government to a maximum of 60 would save the take payer an estimated amount of GHC350 million.

“John Mahama’s inspiring & patriotic pledge to appoint not more than 60 Ministers & Deputies, and to prevent all his appointees from receiving ex-gratia payments, will at current conditions of service potentially save the Ghanaian taxpayer an impressive GHS350million in 4 years”, Okudzeto Ablakwa wrote on his Facebook wall in response to the promise by John Mahama.

Mr. Mahama in his speech further noted:

“We shall work with Parliament and all stakeholders to complete the constitution review process and strengthen separation of powers.

“Government procurement is recognized as a major source of corruption and misappropriation of public funds. We will among other measures, set up an Independent Value for Money office to scrutinize all government procurements above a $5 million threshold or as shall be recommended by Parliament.

“I will give anti-corruption state institutions unfettered space to operate – The days of the Clearing agent must come to an end on January 07, 2025.

“I will also set up a Commission of Enquiry to investigate the matter of looted State Lands and make recommendations for resolving the vexed issue of expropriated Ga-Dangbe lands.

“And to deepen our democracy, the Fourth Estate of the realm – the media – must also be given the conducive and collaborative atmosphere to operate as the fourth power that they ought to be without threats, harassments, and assassinations.

“We are starting off in earnest, and I will be outlining other policies and strategies in the course of the campaign and in our 2024 manifesto conversations.

“Let me emphasize that Ghana is in this severe and acute financial distress with suffocating levels of unemployment due to the reckless mismanagement of the economy by this Government.

“But there is hope! That hope can be fast-tracked if we choose vision with experience over experiment — especially at this critical time in our nation’s life.”

Former President John Mahama would be making yet another attempt to be voted once again as President of Ghana as he has been officially elected as the 2024 flag-bearer of the NDC.

John Mahama has served as President of Ghana for a term of four years and the country’s Constitution permits him to serve for another term of four years but has not been successful at that quest as he lost the 2016 elections and again lost the 2020 election. He has expressed optimism of winning the 2024 polls.

In his quest to become President of Ghana again, John Mahama was over the weekend elected once again, as the party’s 2024 presidential candidate with an overwhelming 297,603 votes representing 98.9 per cent of valid votes cast at the internal party presidential primaries.

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