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Keep The Boundary Lines In Place


Proverbs 22:28 is very instructive and especially relevant even as we climax the age. If you evaluate our world today, you will agree with me that things are not what they used to be. A lot has changed and is still changing at a very rapid rate. Words such as marriage, gender and family now have different meanings in the dictionary. Some attitudes, behaviours, and things that we considered abnormal fifteen years ago have now taken centre-stage and have assumed prominence.

All over the world, these things have been happening. But the unfortunate thing is that it has crept into the Church. Look across the Church world, the Church of Jesus Christ is going through a similar phase. The pillars of our faith, as handed down from Jesus to the Apostles, to the early Church fathers and through the ages unto this time, are fast eroding in today’s Church. The discipline, fervency, commitment, dedication and doggedness required to influence the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ are becoming things of the past in this modern era.  And these are the key attributes that characterized the lives of the Apostles and the early Church. Words that are key to the Christian faith like integrity and chastity have been thrown out of the window. Even the pulpit is not spared. Manipulations and deceptions of the highest order are being perpetrated today, all in the name of church.

Nowadays, you can’t distinguish between a believer and an unbeliever.  Child of God, this is not the Church that Jesus died for! The reality is that we must contend for the faith that was handed to us, which we must bequeath to the next generation. We must stand our ground and ensure the preservation of ancient landmarks that have sustained the Church. And in all of these, our strength and encouragement and should be borne out of the understanding that the Word of God has not changed and it remains as potent as ever.

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