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Kidnapped Baby Found Dead


Residents of Apatrapa, near Kumasi, were thrown into a state of fear and panic after a two year-old girl was found dead in a big gutter in the town, over the weekend.

The deceased, who was only identified as Maame Yaa, was said to have been kidnapped by some unidentified men, who had broken into their house the previous day.

The entire neighbourhood was said to have started a wild search to locate and possibly rescue the young innocent girl from the kidnappers, only for her dead body to surface.

According to eyewitnesses who pleaded anonymity, they believe that the girl was for voodoo purposes, which is popularly known as ‘Juju’ in the local parlance.

They disclosed that the girl’s tongue and other body parts had been chopped off by her killers, who did not leave any trace to give a clue about where exactly they were hiding.

The eyewitnesses said some people, who are not known in the community, broke into a house, overpowered everybody on sight and took the innocent girl away at night.

The following morning, they said, the entire community reported the case to the police and started a wild search in an attempt to locate and rescue the girl from the kidnappers.

They said their search proved futile and they were shocked-to-the-marrow when news started to spread that the young girl has been killed and dumped into a big gutter in the area, barely 24 hours after she was kidnapped.

The body had since been taken to the morgue for autopsy as the police have started investigations to help arrest the culprits.

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