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Ghana Needs A Total Lock Down – George Quaye To Akufo-Addo


Showbiz personality and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Image Bureau, George Quaye, has suggested to President Akufo-Addo the need to lock down the country before it’s too late to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

It follows the latest confirmation of 25 new coronavirus cases bringing to total, 52 confirmed cases in the country.

George Quaye, in a long Facebook post, commended the President for his efforts so far to curb the virus and further raised questions about a lockdown.

“But the next couple of days if not weeks are going to be the most challenging, Sir. The numbers are rising and if what’s happened and still happening in other counties is anything to go by, then we know the normal protocols spelt out in your earlier addresses may not be enough, Sir,” he wrote.

“God knows I don’t want us to be locked down. But if that is what could save us from what’s already here and could get worse, then why wait to do it when it could be too late?” he questioned.

“I only worry because I see countries that are better resourced in almost everything than us struggle with this thing. I see them bury their citizens in scary large numbers. I worry, Sir.

“Mr. President, I don’t know if my family and I can survive a lockdown. But I do know for sure that if this thing gets out of control, we will definitely not survive. So I ask in all humility Sir, by not locking us down now, are we giving tomorrow the best possible chance? Thank you, Sir. God bless you and God bless our homeland Ghana!”

Cases in Ghana

Since the outbreak of the disease in Ghana, the majority of the cases have been recorded in Accra with a few of them confirmed  in Tema and Kumasi.

Although most of the cases are imported in nature, there are also indications that community spreading has begun in Ghana.

The majority of the infected persons are Ghanaians who arrived in the country from other parts of the world. Only a few are foreigners.

Over the weekend, the Lebanese patient among those confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus in Ghana died.

The deceased was a 61-year-old man, reported to a health facility in Kumasi with a fever and cough. He reportedly had other critical underlying health conditions before his death.

Another patient was reported dead on Monday, March 24. But details of the death have not been provided by authorities. Ghana is likely to record more cases of COVID-19 with the coming weeks, the Information Minister continue to warn.

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