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Kofi Kapito Blasts Ghanaian Event Organizers


The Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Protection Agency, Kofi Kapito has vehemently criticised event organisers in Ghana for projecting mediocrity instead of excellence.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz, Kofi Kapito said it is unpardonable for event organisers not to give patrons value for money, having signed a social contract.

The posture, ranging from poor seating, terrible sound, failure to start on time, to billed acts not showing up, according to him, is highly unacceptable as it amounts to utmost disrespect.

“You can’t do this in England. You’ll be cut off as a promoter. Because Ghanaians are vulnerable, because there is no competition, we are used to mediocrity” he fumed.

As monitored by, Mr. Kapito recounting instances where he became furious and decided never to attend such events again, cited the maiden edition of Legends and Legacy Ball, a Kojo Antwi show and the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

“The first Legends and Legacy Ball, Lumba was on. About an hour and half behind schedule, nobody was there; not even the MC. I started booing when they started because it was disrespectful; it was not per the contract. You think you can take me for granted?” He fumed again.

“Kojo Antwi is my friend. I stopped going to Kojo Antwi’s concert the first time I saw him at Golden Tulip. It takes that guy forever for him to come on stage. You think I have nothing to do? You don’t respect time. Check these things because it is annoying,” the consumer advocate stated.

On his concerns about the 2018 VGMAs, Kapito said, “Things were not done properly. When they were playing their promos, the control of the sound was even off. You’re doing an advert and the sound is as if someone wants to break your eardrum. Why? You don’t do sound-check? Respect me!”

Prince Mackay, organiser of RTP Awards who was also on the show attempted to defend colleagues as regards the late start of events but his comment attracted a sharp rebuttal from Kapito.

Mackay posited that patrons should make it a point to show up on time, stressing that the event cannot commence when the auditorium is virtually empty.

For Kapito, patrons’ decision to show up late at events should never be an excuse for organisers to delay the start of the event.

“Don’t even go there. Don’t ever tell an audience to come on time. If your show starts at 8 and it’s an empty auditorium, start. In fact, it is my money; it’s not for you to decide what time I should come and sit down” he postulated.


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