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Letter To Di Asa


Dear Di Asa,

All too soon, the grand finale of your flagship programme, and currently Ghana’s biggest reality show on Prime TV, ‘Di Asa’ Season 3, has come to a successful end with all the pomp and pageantry it deserves.

At the end, PM carried the day by defeating Gaza and Maafia to second and third places respectively. Almost all the 47 plus-size women that qualified at the auditions, and made it to the house, went home with something.

As we all know, the essence of the show is to boost the confidence of obese/fat women (plus-sized market women), who are often stigmatized in our society, whiles sensitizing them on their weight and its health implications.

The show has, within a short time, become a household name across the length and breadth of the country (and even beyond), largely because it is (probably) the first and only of its kind, that gives such publicity and exposure to plus-size market women in Ghana.

Unlike Season’s 1 and 2, you have expanded this year’s awards from cars and cash prizes to trips to Dubai.

Thank you for the great job you guys are doing and my thumbs up once again to you in this regard.

I, however, have a few observations and concerns to share with you because, as the show expands, more ideas will have to be fed into it to smoothen some of the ‘rough edges’.

My first observation is that, since Season 1, we were made to understand that the queens would be assisted to sign contracts (where available) with companies in the drama/movie acting and advertising sectors, but unfortunately, we have neither seen nor heard anything of this sort. The fact is, many people are interested in the show and will love to know how far you have gone in this respect.

Secondly, I would wish that you do not focus too much on the first three winners, to the detriment of the others, especially those who could have won, but for the poor votes they garnered.

In Season 1 for instance, two participants who were glaringly transformed in the house before the show ended, and who demonstrated great potentials, were BENE (Yere Sei Adze) from the Western Region and ACID from the Volta Region. Sadly, however, we never saw them again since 2017, until two weeks ago when Bene popped up (out of the blue).

Finally, I will like to stress that you do not place too much emphasis on votes, as the show is largely about SIZE and the ability to SHAKE THE BODY. We all saw the potentials in Doris of Season 2, and how unfair the issue of votes had been to her. But for her votes, many people think she would have been the clear winner in that season.

Please, do something about this issue, and keep more eyes on Gaga, Owuo, Etornam, MD and Kasi. They are too good a material to be left to their fate.

Over to you, Mr. Albert Kwabena Dwumfuor,

From your ardent viewer,                                                                          055-147-5599

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