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Live By Faith

There is no need in this life that God has not already supplied. God is always ahead in all things and has made the supply even before the need arose. The wisdom of God far supersedes the wisdom of this world.

God has given us faith as an avenue for us to walk in the wisdom of God. Don’t forget that the Bible says, the just shall live by faith. In God’s economy therefore; the just, the righteous ones and the believers will live by faith.

To put it in another word, the believer shall live by the Word of God.
The Word of God is food that lets you grow. Faith comes by the Word of God. It is the Word that lets you grow spiritually, just like when you eat food, you’ll grow physically.

Some of us don’t read our Bible to find out and appropriate what God has made available unto us in His Word. He has given us the Word and today technology has even made it easier that even when you are on the road without the Bible, you have the whole Bible on your smart phone already.

God has made it easier to read the Bible because in these last days things are on acceleration.

Beloved, God is in a hurry to raise people, men and women that will demonstrate His glory. He wants to put His people in positions of influence and I don’t want any of us to miss out. It is too early for people to cry about the Church making money. We have not made money yet.

It is just coming! Mark my word!  What is ahead of us will blow your mind. Some of you will wake up overnight, and you will be signing bills and wondering, ‘when did it start?’ Those are the things God intends to do.

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