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Man Loses Head In Gory Crash


TWO PEOPLE, including a man whose head was cut off, have been confirmed dead in a gory crash.

The Tarkwa-bound Ford, reportedly, burst one of the tyres at the rear and the driver lost control of the car.

The vehicle, which was travelling at top speed according to eye witnesses somersaulted several times, before landing in the shrubs on the wayside

Whilst the car was somersaulting some passengers were thrown out of the car, leading to one man losing his head.

The bloody accident happened on the Obuasi to Dunkwa road whilst the car was from Kumasi to Tawkwa.

Eye witnesses said the driver started to panic immediately one of the tyres at the rear of his car got burst.

They said the driver suddenly applied the brakes but it was a wrong move as the speeding car somersaulted.

According to them, two people died instantly and 11 passengers including the driver sustained severe injuries.

The injured persons are said to be responding to treatment in different medical institutions in the area.

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