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Meet Ghanaian Afrobeat Sensation – Tyra Meek


She was born Laweh Millicent, but she is better known on the music scene as ‘Tyra Meek’, the Afrobeat music performer that just got signed on to the management of Best Music Records.

Though in the industry for just two years, the singer has proven her abilities and potentials of taking Made-in-Ghana music to a different level.

Tyra is undoubtedly gifted with such a huge talent that she puts her audience at awe, whenever she grabs the microphone to perform.

Her singing prowess and soothing vocal dexterity has earned her the accolade “Queen of Vocals” in her place of origin.

Even though the Ghanaian music space is chocked with many upcoming singers who are doing all their best to be heard, Tyra has received much recognition from great industry players and event organizers across the country, with the expectation that she could break through to the mainstream soon.


Tyra Meek is born to Mr. And Mrs. Laweh at Somanya in the Eastern Region.

She had her basic and secondary education at Ashalaja M/A Basic School and Yilo Krobo Secondary School respectively.

She found interest in Entertainment way back when she was in school, and contested in singing and dancing competitions at that level.

The songstress also found delight in singing with the school choir and always wowed congregants with her soothing vocals.

By age five (5), Tyra Meek had already developed the enthusiasm and confidence of a matured performer, and could face thousands of audiences.

As a Senior High School graduate, Tyra Meek decided to pursue her talent as a secular musician when she met her current management team in 2018.


She had her first studio record in 2018, (few days after meeting her record managers) when she did the cover of Kwabena Kwabena’s “Dadie Anomaa”, which she titled “Odo”.

The cover song received great media play and positive reviews from DJs and music industry players. As a maiden release, Tyra Meek proved her worth of an upcoming artiste and won the hearts of many.

She continued to have series of releases between January and December 2018. Her list included ‘Demon’, ‘Suicide Love’, ‘MeneWoa’ and quite recently, ‘Push It Hard’.


As a young songstress who is willing to break through the mainstream, she is very conscious of how she presents herself to the public.

  1. Tyra Meek Proves To Be Real and Authentic:

A personal brand will help clearly and consistently define, express and communicate who you are.

It’s impossible to consistently pretend to be someone you’re not, and Tyra Meek is void of walking in the shadows of others.

Wearing her natural hair, the way she speaks and conducting herself have always defined her as very unique among her contemporaries.

  1. Defining Her Unique Style:

Tyra Meek has developed great abilities to clearly define who she is as an artist.

Unfortunately, most artistes [especially upcoming ones] fail to identify what makes them unique with their style, and this ends up with them copying everything from those who inspire them.

Once you see yourself as unique, it reduces the stress associated with competition because you know that you have something unique and special to offer.


As a new entry, Meek has mounted various musical and cooperate stages across the country: FN BUSINESS AWARDS 2018, Koo Kyei Live In Concert 2019, Queen Haizel MadCity Concert ’19, among others.


Everybody has had a source of inspiration which moves them to do what they do. Tyra Meek also takes her inspiration from nature and has had most of her songs inspired by nature.

The beauty of nature, she says, motivates and inspires her to pen down her lyrics and performs them to a satisfaction.

Singing more about Love, she believes in the creation of Love, its adventures, and wants to have a bit of it fused in her songs.


As a young songstress, she has developed the passion of influencing her society positively with her music.

It has been her dream to make life livable for the oppressed and to leave behind an unforgettable legacy.


Tyra Meek has announced several upcoming projects including a concert to project in her hometown and region (Eastern Region) as the ‘Centre of music talents’, and will soon announce a project which will solely project talents from that part of the country, unto the globe.

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