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Much anticipated release of Written in the Stars season 2 finally here!


The second season of Ghana’s most talked about television chat series, ‘Written In The Stars’ is set to be premiered on Joy Prime on Saturday June 8th at 7.30pm

The television content is with lots of twists and turns in the emotionally gripping conversations with celebrities series that provides Ghanaians with an authentic African perspective and alternative to foreign television content.

Produced by Ark House Productions, one of the emerging production houses in the country, the talk show series chronicles the struggles and motivations of many celebrities, who embarks on a journey to discover themselves, their talent and what motivates them to be who they truly are .

The new season, which begins showing on Joy Prime from June 8, is filled with thrills and suspense, and according to host will keep viewers glued to their television set every Saturday at 7:30pm. This time, he travels to what he calls ‘The lion’s den’ in Lagos, Nigeria to discover the motivations there

In an interview, host of the Show Alex Kwesi Crassie, popularly known as TuRas TuRise expressed optimism about the yet to be premiered season two of ‘Written In The Stars’.

According to him, Ark House Productions is in the business of creating organic Ghanaian compelling content that will change television viewing in the next years.

”“The team at Ark House Production is always thinking of ways to change the narrative about television in Ghana. Ghanaians are tired of importing content all thr time, but the local producers also dont offer the quality they can be glued to. Arkhouse productions is here to make that happen ”, he said.

He further noted that, season 2 of Written in the stars would create a springboard for several Industry persons by providing exposure to motivate the younger ones to persevere aside all odds.

‘Written In The Stars Season2’ is powered by UBER, Hisense Ghana and Adansi Travels.

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