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Neglect Not The Assembly Of Believers

There are times when it looks more beneficial to run solo. Where two or more people are, disagreements are bound to happen and at times they just look like it is too much to take and you are tempted to withdraw into your shell and run solo.

When that thought comes, do the exact opposite – look for a brother or sister that you can share your concern with.

God knew the friction that could come up when we walk together, no wonder He expressly challenged us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.

It is no more news that we are in the end time and the heat is on. The devil is let loose and he is mounting pressure on the believer to compromise and that is the strong reason you need your brother or sister because when iron sharpens iron, they are better equipped to do the work.

Never forget, the longest time your live, that you are not complete without your brother or sister. It does take two to tangle, but it also takes two to agree.

Remember Amos 3:3 and the popular question: ‘Can two work together except they be agreed?’ And the answer is NO. Don’t let the enemy deceive you and pull you out of the support system God has placed around you.

No matter the challenges you encounter, if you are a member of a family, it is not enough to take you out of your home.

Let me ask you, ‘would you disown your brother because of a family disagreement? If the answer is ‘No’, why then do you leave the Church because of a disagreement?

The reason you can see the error is because you have a part to play in correcting it. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Think of it, you are not perfect, so the day you join any church, the church also becomes imperfect.

So, learn to tolerate one another and build together.

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