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Isaiah 54:17 reminds us of the story of Esther and Mordecai in the Bible. Read the story and it will amaze you the reasons for which people make enemies, and consequently seek to harm them, regardless of the validity of the reasons. Mordecai as one of the servants at the king’s gate, refused to bow to or reverence Haman, unlike his colleagues. This made Haman very furious (Esther 3:1-5).

Now the question is, why would Mordecai have such a stance, even to defy the king’s orders? Mordecai as a Jew didn’t believe that any man was worthy of such honour but God. That was why he didn’t bow to Haman. Beloved, you must know who you are. Heaven will only back you when you function in the authority of your identity.

In His wrath, Haman plotted to destroy not just Mordecai, but all the Jews. That’s why I love God, He knows how to turn the plot of the adversary on its head. The same Haman who wanted to destroy Mordecai was instructed to give him a state honour. I declare that in the same place where they plotted your downfall, God will turn it around for your honour. Their job is to gather, but for your sake, they are scattered in Jesus’ name.

Beloved, your life is hid in Christ, and Christ in God. Therefore, no evil shall befall you. Jesus sacrificed His life for your sake. You have been redeemed by His precious blood. You are therefore too expensive for the enemy to destroy. God will flex His muscles for you. I declare that evil will bow before you, and the wicked will bow at your gate. You are blessed!

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