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‘No politician can show me anything’ – Rev. Lawrence Tetteh


Founder of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has made it clear to all politicians in the country that, none of them can determine the progress of his life. 

According to him, the anointing of God he carries is higher than the role of any politician, therefore their roles in society and the country at large cannot determine the high level of his life and the progress of his ministry as well.

Speaking on the topic, ‘God’s Anointing’ at the Holy Hill Chapel located at Kwame Nkrumah Circle during their one week Open Doors Conference, the author of ‘Count your Blessings and Benefits of the Anointing’ said, men of God in the country should grow over who has and will win the next election.

“I get sad about pastors who get worried over who has won an election. I don’t care. Kings, Queens, Priests are made by God. If a man of God’s anointing is not above political appointment then you’re cheap. No politician can bluff me in this country. Political powers tranced. Four or eight years then you’re done” he said on Thursday.

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