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No Woman Should Give In To Anal Sex – Family Life Consultant


Family Life Consultant and Preacher, Catherine Onwioduokit, says no woman should be compelled to give in to the demand of anal sex by their partners.

Popularly called Mama Cathy, the outspoken counsellor told the host of Joy FM’s flagship family show, Home Affairs, Edem Knight-Tay, that it was not biblical for sex to be carried out through inappropriate channels like the anal region.

“Every body part has function, so why don’t we make use of the one God gave for sexual intercourse?”.

According to Mama Cathy, who doubles as a preacher, most men who demand such acts are being motivated by the pornographic contents they feed themselves with.

She advised that women who find themselves in such a situation resort to dialoging with their husbands to put their concerns across, however “no woman should give in to anal sex even for one day”.

Mrs. Onwioduokit made these submissions while contributing to the conversation of marital rape, which was topic on discussion. She was of the opinion that men attempting to practice fantasies from pornographic materials, was one of the main causes of spousal rape.

Echoing Mama Cathy’s stance was Lawyer and Pastor, Kweku Yamoah Painstil who was also a guest on the show. He said, another reason spousal rape was a recurring menace, was due to the fact that some men have not learnt to control their sexual appetites.

“For people who have not learnt to train their sexual passions, they go into excesses…a sexual appetite can be subdued,” he said.

Mr. Painstil also blamed all other sexual anomalies in the home, such as incest, on the lack of sexual training and control.

“This is all rubbish,” he said indignantly.

Source: Myjoyonline

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