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Psalm Adjetey Fio Battles Heart Enlargement, Cries for Help


Veteran Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjetey Fio, has called on Ghanaians to come to his aid as he battles a heart enlargement condition which has led to a deteriorating health.

According to him, it was not his intention to come public with his condition but his health condition is deteriorating. He also revealed his friends ignored and blocked his number when he was seriously ill.

The ‘Taxi Driver’ star said he has no idea the source of his heart enlargement condition. Aside his swollen feet, his manhood is also shrinking and this has led to sexual weakness from the drugs he’s taking. He revealed that he was consuming about 19 tablets on  daily basis but he is currently consuming between 7-9 tablets on daily basis.

He has battled many illnesses in the past 5 years to the extent that he had to be carried by men to the hospital. His companion at that time, helped him go through it all but said they’re no longer together.

The 64-year-old stated that the Delay Show paved way for him to get help from a wide range of people specifically his old students, various organizations and people from all over the world. He’s now recovering and is thankful for the tremendous help and support shown him by everyone.

Psalm’s popular TV series ‘Taxi Driver’ brought a lot of laughter to many Ghanaians in the early 2000s.

Source: StarrFMOnline

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