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Remain Focus, God Is Capable


When God told Moses and the people that He had given them Jericho, He didn’t tell them about the giants, but about the land flowing with milk and honey. He wanted them to see the milk and honey and not the giants. Out of the twelve (12) spies that were sent, ten (10) came back and said they saw themselves as grasshoppers, while only two (2) believed in what God said and refused to see the giants.

Beloved, when you see what God has spoken about your life, it has a way of motivating you and making you look fresh. How do you think Sarah remained young and fresh even after she had passed the age of child bearing? She remained fresh because in her heart she began to see herself as the mother of nations. The scripture says she received strength to conceive that means her body had no choice than to change.

For as long as you see yourself in the light, of what God has said concerning you, no matter the storm, it will not stop you because you are seeing what God told you. Put on your imagination and picture in your mind what your miracle will look like. If you can see it, you can have it.

The Bible is a book of pictures; access it to see your picture. Do not believe the lie that your body is telling you, go into the word and look at your picture. The two spies saw the grapes and they believed the land was theirs. The picture of the grapes never left their hearts until the day they possessed the land. Let the picture of where God is taking you to fill your mind and heart. That picture will help you to endure whatever comes your way.

My prayer is that every picture of elevation and advancement in your heart will come to manifestation in Jesus name. Amen.

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