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Riding Bike To Parliament Not For Popular Means – Ras Mubarak


The Member of Parliament (MP) for Kumbungu Constituency, Ras Mubarak has finally embarked on his 17-km bicycle ride to parliament in protest to the high cost of living in the country.

He said from Tuesday, November 6, he will be taking a bicycle to Parliament as a way of protesting the harsh economic conditions under the administration of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The MP stated: “Riding a bicycle for 17km to parliament is to highlight the concerns of many Ghanaians who have had to complain about the rising cost of living in the country, who are struggling to make ends meet. And what we’re experiencing is far from what this administration promised the good people of Ghana. They promised us heaven on earth. Indeed, the president himself has admitted that times are hard, we expect that he will apologise to the good people of Ghana for taking us on a ride that has not seen the realisation of their pre-election promises.

Ras Mubarak has been one of the MP’s who has voiced his displeasure at the continued increase of fuel prices in the country.

“Fuel prices keep going up. Prices of commodities keep going up and there seems to be no end in sight in respect of the suffering that ordinary Ghanaians who do not have free fuel and free vehicles maintained by the state,” he said in an interview on Citi news.

The MP said he expects some legislators and Ghanaians in general, to join him in his protest.

“The honourable Dr. Clement Apaak has indicated he is interested in joining the cause, and I am sure once we get started, we might have not only members of Parliament but ordinary Ghanaians who are feeling the pressure joining in the expression of frustration.”

On how long this protest will go, he said “let’s get started and see how things unravel. If there is the need to sustain it as long as can be, I will be happy to sustain it.”

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