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Roverman Presents The Woman In The Bathroom


In the first quarter of the year, Uncle Ebo Whyte’s Roverman Productions treated theatre lovers to Special Delivery and with second quatre upon us, a bee play is in the offing.

Since 2008, Roverman Productions had keep its promise to treat theatre lovers to a new play so on Sunday, July 1, it brings its latest play, THE WOMAN IN THE BATHROOM.

The play which will be hosted at the National Theatre is a story about Nanasei Agyeman, a promising Ghanaian actor in Hollywood who had to sacrifice a lucrative acting career for love.

On the day of his wedding to Reu, the only daughter of a millionaire, he gets the biggest shock of his life. Just before he could say ‘I DO’ at the altar, a group of armed men came IN to kidnap him at the wedding ceremony.

He was then taken to a strange location where he discovered that, he has to go through a lion and the woman in the bathroom if he is to see his WIFE TO BE again.

Ebo Whyte’s play hints on current and relevant social media issues topped with some comedy and engaging music all of which leave enough food for thought for his audience.

According to Uncle Ebo, THE WOMAN IN THE BATHROOM is his most daring okay and has been created to promote Ghana’s culture by highlighting its music and dance.

“This play gives credence to the choices you make. You choose to abandon your dream to fulfill the destiny you have been called to for the greater well” – he stated in an interview.

Apart from Sunday, the show will be aired on Monday, July 2, and an encore on Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8 at 4pm and 8pm each day.

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