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Sarkodie buys first Kantanka Automobile


C.E.O. of Sarkcess Music and Influential Ghanaian Rap Talent, Sarkodie, has been spotted buying his first locally manufactured Kantanka Automobile in pledge of supporting made-in-Ghana product.

Sarkodie acquired one of the Kantanka cars following a visit to the automobile company as a gesture of patriotism and the belief in the potentials of Ghanaians as a whole.

In an Instagram post, the rapper described his visit as an “eye opener”, and called on Ghanaians to support local manufacturers.

“My visit to @Kantankaautomobile was an eye opener!!! Thanks @kwadwosafo_jnr for the invite… We all hypocrites (myself included) but the good news is, it’s never our fault it was programmed for us to be like that. But it’s never too late! We just gotto be aware and wake up!!! The innovative inventions by the Legend Apostle Sarfo Kantanka will blow your mind…

”I left the place speechless and with a lot of guilt… We producing all these in my country but not too proud to support it but we kill to give BMW the license to operate and dominate our territory! It’s a matter of time. Africa is blessed! Please go on the net, read and watch all about ‘Kantanka’. Anyways I just ordered my first Katanka Automobile….#Blackexcellence #SCMobile” – his post reads.

About Kantanka automobile

The Kantanka Automobile Manufacturing Company was set up by Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, the Leader of the Kristo Asafo Mission.

Before that, he was a master technician at the Suame Magazine in Kumasi in the 1970s before he ventured into the Gospel ministry.

As a music enthusiast, Apostle Safo started with the manufacture of electrical drums with brain units, loudspeakers, professional mixing consoles, amplifiers, pre-amps and seven-stringed bass guitars (the first of its kind in the world at the time).

He then moved into the manufacture of sewing and embroidery machines, corn mills, combine harvesters, solar panels, anti-gravity devices, multi-purpose mobile block molding machines capable of producing 16 to 18 blocks at a time, human-sensor television sets and many more.

He manufactured his first automobile, the Kantanka Saloon, in 1998 and a cross-country four-wheel drive, the Kantanka Onantefo I, in 2006.

On December 30, 2007, Apostle Safo unveiled a 26-foot long Limo style cross-country vehicle, the Kantanka Obrempon, at the church’s 27th annual charity and technology fair at Awoshie in Accra. On the same day, he launched an excavator. All of his products are made from local materials.

He also brought to the public scene the Kantanka jet, an air-conditioned four-seater aircraft he had manufactured.

kantanka in 2012 launched a sports utility vehicle, the Kantanka Nsoromma, which is powered by a shirt. In the same year, he introduced another 4X4 vehicle, the “Kantanka Daasebre,” which is powered and steer-controlled by a wristwatch.

In June 2007, he released an advanced model of the Kantanka Onantefo, the Kantanka Onantefo II, which, like all his cars, was driven through most parts of the country for testing.

That same year, he unveiled a solar-powered non-engine saloon car, the Kantanka Odeneho.

In 2013, he unveiled the Kantanka Otumfuo, a four-wheel drive that is ignited with a walking stick; the Kantanka Odeneho II, an upgraded version of the Kantanka Odeneho I, the KTK 02, a defensive helicopter, the Kantanka passenger airliner and Kantanka Bazookas.

Then on November 26, 2015, the company’s manufacturing plant at Gomoa Mpota in the Central Region was inaugurated for the first batch of 35 vehicles to be made available on the Ghanaian market.

The safety of the Kantanka vehicles has been approved by Ghana’s Drivers Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA). The company began commercial sale of the Kantanka cars in November 2015.

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