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Satan Is Already Defeated


I heard a story of someone who went to visit a friend. Apparently, his friend had a very big bulldog that is very fierce looking, but its owner had already pulled out the teeth and just plays with the dog because he loves doing so. The dog had the physique and all the stuff but could not bite. So as the man came to his friend’s house, the dog rushed out and the guest out of fear said, ‘please keep your dog’. The host replied that it do not have teeth. But the guest said ‘I don’t know what you are talking about. Just keep your dog. That is how this man was running from a dog that had no teeth to bite.

Do you know that a lot of us believers are running from a devil that cannot bite? He is already defeated. But we are running from him. My question to such believers is, why do you think Jesus came? Of course, He came to destroy the works of the devil. He came to put a permanent stop to satanic activities, so that anytime he comes against your life, you can tell him ‘shut up.’ That is why Jesus came. But the problem is that many of us are not ready to utilize and enforce the devil’s defeat. Rather than enforce his defeat, we are afraid of him. Even when it is obvious that he is a toothless bulldog.

You must rise up and enforce the devil’s defeat because no one else can do it on your behalf. When you enforce his defeat, the devil will leave you alone. Whatever he came with, whether it is sickness, disease, frustration, disappointment and manipulation of your destiny; once you stand to enforce your right, he has no choice but to leave you. I pray that the Lord will give you wisdom and understanding to fully grasp what Jesus did for you on the cross.

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