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Single Life Is A Worry: Still Searching – Martha Ankomah


In Ghana, marriage is a very big deal. From age 25, many women across country are under pressure from their family and friends to get married.

The perception is that if the women do not get married “on time”, they may find themselves unattractive to men when they grow older

Ghanaian screen goddess, Martha Ankomah has disclosed that single life is a worry to her and for that matter, searching for a man to spend the rest of her life with.

Martha Ankomah made this known in a yet to be released interview she had with news portal GhanaWeb. According to several female celebrities in Ghana, they are not into any affair because men are afraid of their intelligence and success in society.

Although it’s unclear why the beautiful and endowed actress is single she revealed in the interview that she is single and verily ready to mingle.

She responded “yes oo” when she was asked if she is single and when asked whether she was searching, she said, “yes by the Grace of God”.

The actress who is a staunch Christian indicated that she works in the food department of the church and although people see it as a funny position, she loves what she does.

The beautiful actress remains single despite being one of the most sought-after women in the country.


According to sources, Martha Ankomah was introduced to acting by her cousin, Harry Amonoo in 1994. Amonoo took her to the National Theatre where she joined the Harrisco Drama Group. She then started stage dramas in Funworld and Kiddafest.

During her days at Labone Senior High School, Martha Ankomah joined the Theatre Programme for Schools (TPS), and participated in a number of stage drama.

She subsequently started acting in television series. These included Suncity, St. James Hotel, All that glitters and Where is your Mobile? Her interest in acting developed to the extent that she participated in a number of auditions for movie roles.


Martha Ankomah has featured in Power of the gods, Shakira, Sin of the Soul, Heart of Men, Somewhere In Africa, Sugar Town, A Trip To Hell and several others. She was recently featured in a new movie titled ‘Beautiful Mind’ which is available on for public viewing.

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