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Stay Humble And Good To People

You can think highly of yourself, but don’t think more highly than you ought to. Even though we are many in the Church, we are one Body. One person does not make up the Body. And as you are playing your part, it builds the whole Body. If you are healed, teach somebody how you received your healing.

We are a member one to another and we minister one to another. If God gave you a job, teach somebody else how you got it. If God gave you a husband, teach somebody else how to comport herself in order to have a faithful husband.

It takes humility to be able to do these things. Many of us will rather prefer to attribute all the blessings to certain qualities which we possess.
Remember the reason why you are a member in the Body is that you are playing a part for the benefit of somebody. Look away from yourself.

The word, “ministering” in Romans 12:7 is talking about servants or deacons. These are people who are playing servant roles. The secret of leadership today is that God does not call leaders, He calls servants and servants are made leaders. It is the faithful servants who are made leaders.

Jesus said “the Gentiles lord it over their people, but with you in the Kingdom, it is not so. If you will be the leader or the master, you must be a servant of all.” Mark 10:42-45.

I have often said that the only way up is down. And if you will fit into the Body, then you must deny your flesh and strive to be humble. This is, most likely, the most important quality of true leadership. I declare today that you will rise to the height that God has ordained for you.

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