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Surrender Your Rod To Jesus

Many are not able to attain the dream, vision, plan, purpose, and desire of God in their lives even though God has spoken expressly concerning them because they are holding on to too much. In the book of Exodus, God planned that Moses will be a deliverer, but Moses went out in his strength.

He went and separated the Egyptian fighting against the Hebrew. He killed the Egyptian and hid him. Of course, the secret came out. Moses was going to be a deliverer, but he was not ‘dead.’

He was not yet ready. God doesn’t use ‘those who are alive.’ He doesn’t glorify those who are ‘alive.’

Except you die, you’re alone. Moses was not yet ‘dead,’ and they ran him out of town. He found himself at the backside of the desert. He was there with his rod, holding firm to his profession.

That rod is symbolic of his talents, his money and things he held very dear, dearer than God. Anything you call too precious to release, is too precious to get. Moses held on to his rod.

And then one day, God looked down from heaven and saw this man walking in darkness. God revealed Himself in a flaming fire and Moses looked to see. And God said to him, ‘I have set you apart to be an instrument in my hands. Then God asked him: What is that in your hands? My rod!

And God smiled and told Moses to drop the rod on the ground first. And when he did, it became a serpent. I want you to imagine Moses’ reaction. Of course, he ran from what he had held on to. He suddenly found out that what he had in his hands was capable of destroying him. Beloved, whatever you have, your talent, your position in life and your gifts are all nothing without Jesus.

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