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Take A Stand For God


Daniel said I won’t do it. Others may do it but I won’t do it. I know I am in a strange land and no one knows me here, but I won’t do it. I will not defile myself. He took a stand for God. And God honoured his faith. When you take a stand for God, He will never abandon you. He will never allow the enemies to have you in derision. He will make you to have the last laugh.

In Daniel chapter 6, the king decreed that no one should pray to any God. The king had planned to promote Daniel because he was excellent in his assignment. He could be depended upon. He was a good steward, and the king purposed to promote him. And while he was planning, the devil and his agents were also planning to eliminate him. Those who wish you dead will only end up in the arena of wish. Whatever they wish will never come to pass.

A spiritual conspiracy took place. The scripture was careful to state that they tried to get Daniel in the area of his job. They checked him out to find out whether he changed figures, but they couldn’t find anything. They checked him out to see whether he was unfaithful to his wife, they checked if he worshipped idol in anyway but they had nothing on him. The devil will check you out! That is why some of us are passing through some experiences. Jesus said, the prince of this world cometh but has found nothing in Me. In other words, the devil checked Jesus out. How dare you think that he will not check you out? The devil will check you out, because he is looking for the material with which he can attack your life. But in the end, Daniel triumphed over every conspiracy because he took a stand for God. You also will triumph. No matter the gang-up of the wicked, you will come out strong. You will not see shame. The Hand of God upon your life will keep you above in Jesus’ name.

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