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Taking Risk Pays Off For DJ Rhapsody


He hasn’t been in the Disc Jockey Industry for too long and has just a few roles to his name, but DJ Rhadsody has done what many of his peers can only dream of, starring in many programmes.

And it was all because he decided to take a risk and try something new.

One fine day, the determined young man set out to a hotel venue in Accra in response to a call for interview in his Disc Jockey job. He was aware of the impact landing a role in such a job that moment would do for his career and that pushed him to work through whatever fears he may have had.

He met quite a number of people who had also come for the interview/audition with high expectations.

A silent prayer he offered before the interview must have reached the heavens as he was selected for the job.

It had been years since he had that first Disc Jockey job, the old student of Gh Media School could not forget the experience as he tells The Publisher in a one-on-one interview.

”As a budding Disc Jockey at the time, I knew it would add a lot to my credentials if I could secure myself a job with some much known faces in the Industry. In fact, seeing some of these popular figures at the interview, I almost gave up but I was determined.

”Interestingly, I was selected not for only my DJing capabilities, but also for my dexterity in adding communication to the songs being played. That was the edge I had over the others” – he stated.

He says the impact his first career job has had on him is overwhelming.

”Having such an institution as a worker on my CV helped me get other jobs that offered me even better remuneration.”

He went further to make deeper disclosures about his life: “I’m so real about so many things. In my real world, life needs to be as real as possible.”

The DJ also spoke about what he called self-imposed limit, regarding how much of his personal life he shares on social media. He said he had seen first-hand what social media could do for people with big dreams.

“Social media is for work and I’ve seen its power. I’ve seen how much it influences and motivates people who want to work like I do, who have dreams to do what I do. But anything personal, there’s a limit for me.” – he disclosed.

Even though the Rhadsody had all along tried to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, he has still made headlines for very strange reasons.

According to him, people need to understand that he grew up as a kid that had nothing, excep[ the desire to become a star.

“A man will always be a man, but the moment you add the attention from the opposite sex, it can be blinding. It is something you will never be immune to as a person, no matter how hard you try. You can become overwhelmed with everything (the success), and before you realize, you slip.”

DJ Rhadsody said he was thankful for the lessons he learnt and was now more “woken” than before.

When asked what he would have done differently for the Entertainment Industry if he was at the helm of affairs in the Industry, this was what he had to say.

”I will fight for funds for the sector because when there is support for a budget, there will be many events which will go a long way to provide jobs for many people.

”Again, I will fight for government to fulfill its promise of building event venues across the country. That way,  event organizers can earn more when concerts are organized, and DJs will in return make more profit”.

The interview ended with the Kasapa FM DJ urging celebrities not to let fame lure them to live beyond their means.

”I want to thank all who have supported my career till now but most importantly, I want to encourage my other colleagues to be themselves and not live to impress anyone. If chartering a taxi or taking a trotro is what you can afford now, why don’t you do that till you can afford a car of your own?

”All these people pressurizing you to live to impress will not be there when you cry in your closet over the high expenditures you can’t afford. Surely with hard work and the blessings of God, you will fulfill destiny so no need to rush” he stated.

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