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Talented Kids: 8 Contestants Evicted In Season 8


On 24th Febraury, 2019, 22 gifted talents were introduced to kick start this year’s edition of Talented Kids. Through out the Show, it has been nothing but captivating performers as contestants continue to prove their worth.

Four weeks into the show saw Nakiya performing as a Poet with the title of her Poem as I AM THE LAST BORN.

On the other side of performance saw DJ Princess, the only Disc Jockey in the competition, she literally turns the studio upside down treating audience to some back-to-back old classic tunes.

Gordon Dada aka Sconzy came on much stronger on the eviction day performing his own rendition titled Dancehall Kid. Kojo, Today Dancers, with other gifted talents were also outstanding in latest Show.

Well, the Show this weekend came with top surprises. Some performers won the heart of the judges.

Sconzy was crowned the Star Performer, with Today Dancers also walking away with the most Creative Arts Award.

With last Sunday’s eight eviction, contestants left in the battle for the ultimate prize now 14. Organizers has promised a good Show in the coming weeks as it gets more interesting to the final date.

Talented Kidz is a show for children that exhibits the hidden talents of children whilst providing splendid entertainment by kids for the entire family. According to organizers, a healthy, competitive spirit among children in a free and lively Environment.

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