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That Situation Must Turn Around For Good

The ancient prophet of God, Isaiah, spoke concerning the assignment of Jesus. He spoke of His mission and what He was called to do, hundreds of years before His manifestation in the flesh. When Jesus finally showed up and began to preach, He quoted this passage of the scripture at the inception of His mission in the book of Luke 4:18.

When Isaiah spoke that prophecy before Jesus was born, he was speaking in advance of what Jesus was coming to do. But Jesus has come. He has lived on earth! He has died, He has resurrected and is sitting at the right hand of Majesty on high.

So, now those prophecies are no more futuristic. We are partakers of them.
The scripture is saying to us, therefore, that it is our entitlement to have the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness and to receive beauty for ashes, so that we might be called the trees of righteousness because we now have a right standing with God; that God Himself might be glorified.

Each time He thinks of us, each time He remembers us, each time we stand before Him, He is glorified. Our lives are expected to give glory to Him anywhere we go.

Beloved, receiving beauty for ashes is our right and privilege as children of God. This is the heritage that belongs to us. That is what Jesus Christ died for.

Therefore, wherever we see things that would cause us to mourn, things that would cause us to weep and things that are packaged to cause us not to rejoice, we must have a mentality that it must turn around because of the finished work of Christ!

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