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The Power Of Fasting And Prayers

Jesus was coming down from the mount of transfiguration and the disciples were confronted by a young boy that was demon-possessed. They tried to cast out the demon but couldn’t. Jesus then said “Oh ye of little faith, how long would I stay with you.

And He spoke a word and the man was loosed.  Then the disciples said to Jesus, ‘how come we were not able to cast it out, even though we just came down from the mountain.’ And Jesus answered: “This can’t go out unless by prayer and fasting. I know that the devil just has to go because I am coming down from the place of prayers and fasting.”

There are times and seasons when fasting needs to be added to your prayers.
When fasting is added to prayers, it produces extra force. The denial of the flesh makes the spirit more receptive to God.  God is faithful. When He commands His people to carry out certain disciplines; it is to promote them to where He wants them to be.

If you have been praying and nothing seems to be happening, add fasting to it. It will shock you the result you will produce. When a matter is becoming over prolonged, you can add fasting to it.

Whenever the people of God proclaim a fast, it was full of eventful result as seen in the Bible (Matthew 4:2) Fasting should be done with an open mind and a listening spirit. Fasting brings you closer to Divinity and opens the door for the flood gates of ideas. Moreover, spiritual sensitivity is high when you fast. It even helps your health when you fast.

It is good to join the Church whenever the Church calls for a collective fast, but don’t always wait for the Church to declare a fast before you fast. Fast when the church declares a collective fast, and fast individually too. Make fasting and prayer a lifestyle if you want to live in the supernatural.

As you make fasting a habit, I declare to you that difficult situations will give way before you and you will always testify in Jesus’ name. I bless you today.

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