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The Undeniable Love of God


One of the deep truths of the Word that is totally difficult for man to understand is the undeniable love of God. His love reaches out to you, not because you did something, but because He loves you. The love of God is so rich that no one can deny it. It is evident for all to see.

Stop and think for a moment: He gives you air to breath freely ever before you gave your life to Christ. Imagine the cost of oxygen if you were to pay for it? If you doubt me, ask anyone who works in a hospital the cost of aided breathing, then think of your age and how long you have enjoyed this free gift in spite of your shortcomings. Do you realize that the most important things on earth – the ‘must have to survive’ are free? Imagine if you had to pay for the sun, how would the plants grow for food for you?

His love for you is not conditioned on anything – that is why He makes the rain to fall on both the righteous and the unrighteous (Matt. 5:45). He does not separate His children when providing the essentials for life, that is your God. Unlike man; if you offend a man, he wants to stifle you of anything you need to succeed, but not God. He believes the best of you in spite of you. How then, do you reciprocate this love?

We are in that season where the full expression of His love is being celebrated. I believe you already know Him, and you have tasted His love, the only way you can reciprocate is to spread the love. Don’t be selfish, tell the world around you about His love. You don’t need a Bible School degree to do this, all you need to do is to tell your story: what has He done in your life? Share it with someone today, that they may also experience the undiluted Word of God.

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