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The Winning Verdict Is Yours


What is verdict? In law, it is the finding of a court jury concerning a matter submitted for their judgment. In other words, when you submit your case to a jury, whatever they decide is the verdict. Verdict, therefore, is a judgment or a decision. And when you look at the synonyms, it means: the answer, the conclusion of the matter, decision, decree and deduction. It means the finding, ruling and the sentence passed.

Beloved, becoming all that God has ordained for you in Christ is determined by your own verdict. What you decide is what will happen. God is not the one holding you back. Neither does the devil have the authority to hold you back. It is what you decide that matters.

In 1 Samuel 30, the Bible tells us that the marauding Amalekites came, ravaged the camp of David and took his family, his resources and everything. They became so discouraged that they all began to cry. David also cried until there was no more tears in his eyes. But after crying, David encouraged himself in the Lord. Child of God, tears will not take you anywhere. Of course, there is nothing wrong in weeping, so long as weeping does not keep you down. After all Jesus wept! He is the author and finisher of our faith, yet He wept. So crying is not the issue. The issue is when you finish crying what do you do?

David encouraged himself in the Lord and asked for the ephod in order to get the mind of God concerning the matter. And the moment he got the mind of God, he pursued, overtook the Amalekites and recovered all that the enemy stole. David knew that the verdict belonged to him. You will recover all! Nothing will be left in the enemy’s camp that belongs to you.

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