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There’s A Space For Everyone


Genesis 4:1-2, tells us that Adam knew his wife and they were blessed with Cain first and then Abel. Cain was a tiller of the land and God wanted him to enjoy grace. But he said no, I will come by my work. While Abel said, I am not going to work but I will come by the blood of the lamb. Abel believed that the blood will usher him into His presence. And the Bible says that the Lord was pleased with the sacrifice of Abel.

When Cain discovered that God had respect for the choice of Abel’s sacrifice, his face was wroth. And God said to him, Why is your face wroth? In other words, why are you angry? If you do well, I will accept you. God was saying to Cain, ‘I have not rejected you; I am only challenging you to do well. There is nothing special about Abel. The only thing is that Abel did well and I want you to copy what he did rather than becoming offended.’

But Cain would not listen. He thought that by killing his brother, that would give him a place. There is a space for you and there is a space for everyone. Your husband’s space or your brother’s space is his own. There is therefore, no reason for envy, bitter rivalry and competitive jealousy. You don’t need to pull down another in order to be blessed.

Cain killed Abel! And when he had taken him out of the way he thought that was it! But God said, you are joking. Abel’s blood began to cry out. There is a place you put yourself in God that even in death, you will still be speaking. Abel began to speak out of the ground. Thank God there is the blood that speaketh better things than the blood of Abel. There is the blood that is speaking for you. The Bible says we have a sure anchor for our soul. Don’t let your soul waver. That anchor is Jesus.

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