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Understand Purpose


One of the key strategies of the success of Jesus was that He had a clear understanding of His mission. He knew exactly why He came to earth to walk as a man.

He understood the fact that He had an assignment and His eyes were focused on accomplishing it; it is no wonder that the Pharisees and Sadducees could not distract Him.

Even when they wanted to make Him a king, He disappeared out of the scene (John 6:15) because He understood His purpose.
It has been rightly said that without purpose, abuse is inevitable.

Everyone was born for a purpose and until you find that purpose, you would not be fulfilled. No one on earth today is a byproduct of an accidental discharge. Even if your father and mother did not plan to conceive you, you were in God’s mind and in God’s plan.

Like Dr. Cerullo had said, ‘God is a God of plan, purpose, design and objectivity.’ He allowed you to come to the world at such a time as this. Jesus fully carried out all that He came to do on each.

No wonder when He hung on the cross, He could say: ‘It is Finished.’ The work was totally done. All that you ever will need to succeed, He made available to you; your part is to find your purpose and fulfill that purpose.

When you understand purpose, envy and jealousy would end. When you understand purpose, you would not compare yourself with another. When you understand purpose, you will be so focused and nothing will be able to distract you.

When you understand purpose, you will go the extra mile and put in your best whether anyone sees you or not. As a leader, you must seek the face of God always; let God define you and walk in that path He has ordained for you. You will succeed.

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