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We Are Called To See Each Other Through


If you study the ministry of Jesus, you will discover that Jesus never at one time took the glory that was due to the Father even though He is part of the Godhead. Rather, He will tell you “I don’t do anything except the one my Father tells me to do”. In John 16:7, He said to His disciples, “Nevertheless, it is very important, it’s expedient, it’s very advantageous for you that I go away. If I don’t go away, the Comforter will not come”. Jesus who saying to them, “Listen! It’s better for me to go. You thought you’ve seen something, you’ve seen nothing yet. Let me go away, there is someone better than me coming. He is the Holy Spirit”.

Now, when the Holy Spirit comes and people want to turn the glory to the Holy Spirit, you will now hear the Holy Spirit saying again in John 16:13 and 14 that His primary assignment is to glorify Jesus. God points to His Son! His Son points to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit says “No! It’s Jesus”. There is that coordination in the Godhead. And that’s why the power of God could be released. It is the same coordination that God expects from us as we complement each other.

Until we begin to understand and recognize the uniqueness in each part in the Body of Christ we would be short-changing ourselves. If you can see our individual uniqueness, it will change your life. It will heal you of envy, jealousy, contention and ill-will. It will help you pray for your brother, and sister without anything clogging your mind. Today, I pray for a fresh release of the spirit of oneness and togetherness and I declare that everything you agree upon shall be made manifest in Jesus name.

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